Honda ads: “Everything we do goes into everything we do.”

February 3, 2010 — Leave a comment

Honda makes various machines that have motors and wheels.

Wieden + Kennedy London makes their ads that run in England. I’ve thought for a few years now that Honda/WKL creates some of the smartest and best executed advertising in the world.

Buckle up and enjoy. These ads are quite creative and fun.

This ad is great, because the line that Garrison Keillor says at the end nails Honda’s business strategy, AND the ad’s messaging strategy, AND the ad’s creative strategy, which is no small feat.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the making of a brilliant advert for a Honda Civic.

I speak to a lot of college students, and love showing this ad. It uses hate to sell goodness, which is rather ingenious, dontcha think? From Honda’s site: “Nagahiro’s (Honda’s chief engine designer) passionate dislike for all that is bad about diesel engines was the motivation he needed to develop a new kind of Honda diesel.” So it plays off of a big creative insight: Nagahiro’s hatred for his own diesel engines would make for a great ad.  I defy you to watch this, and NOT want to whistle the music. It’s infectious.

This one is a hoot and a panic and a stitch, and it works it’s butt off at creatively selling Honda.

And this ad. It’s called “Cog”, and it’ll blow your mind and leave mind sauce all over your walls. It’s one of my favorites ever. It took 7 months and 606 takes to make. (I think there is an edit when the tires travel uphill.) I’ve seen a bazillion ads in my day, but every damn time I see this one it feels like the first time.

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