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In 2004, we at Knupp & Watson invented a cool way to give back to nonprofit organizations. We created a 24-hour marketing marathon called Goodstock. The brilliant Erica St. Angel, who is now at Sonic Foundry, had the idea to do a give-back marathon, and suggested we do it in a program with a group of agencies on the East coast. I suggested not doing it within a different group, but to do it on our own. Andrew Courter came up with the incredible name. And viola! Goodstock was born.

What makes Goodstock different from other marathons? Quantity and involvement. We crank our butts off. This year, our fifth, we completed 42 projects in just 24 hours. Videos, media plans, magazine ads, TV spots, a ton of work. We hustle up donated media and printing and help from lots of vendors. Just this year, we gave $355,000 in donated goods and services. Moreover, we really involve the nonprofits along the way, educating and informing them in an attempt to not just give `em fish, but a nice fishing pole as well.

This year, Judi Wax, a former colleague, asked if her agency in Charlotte could do a Goodstock. They did it in October, at the same time we did our Goodstock. Here’s their recap.

Then we were contacted by the awesome Morgan Cartier about the agency he works for in Vancouver doing Goodstock to help nonprofits in his area.

Well on December 4th, Harvey McKinnon Associates will do the big give-back in their Vancouver and Toronto offices.

It’s a very rewarding thing to be a part of helping our community in Wisconsin. But to have it go to Charlotte and now Canada is beyond rewarding. Whatever that is. Good luck folks!