Archives For July 2011

One wonderful thing about this Dang Internet Era is the plethora of newness out there. Sheesh. New apps, websites and tools that can help push us creatively seem to be everywhere. The iPhone and iPad photography apps are stellar, and can make photographers and video shooters better. Simple music tools can make musicians better. So what tools, tricks and tactics can you start using to push your inner creative? Dig around. Find stuff. Try stuff. Stretch what you know and what you can do.

My amazing (har-har) new song “What New Tools” was created using the tool in the iPhone app store called Songify. I just spoke, and it automatically made it seem like I was singing, and it added some (verrrrrry cheesy) music, and viola, it’s a song. Poof! I brought the tune into GarageBand to add some extra schnazz. Then I thought I may as well make a video. So one visit to and an hour in iMovie later, and the internet is more clogged up with the fruit of creative tools.

Any cool tools you’ve been using?