I’m hosting another Super Bowl ad party. It’ll be right here, and you’re invited. Please bring a hot dish to pass.

February 6, 2010 — Leave a comment

Five years ago, I was asked by WMMM-FM in Madison to join them the day after the big game to talk about the ads with them. It was a blast.

To prepare, I wrote down a few notes on every ad I saw. They asked again the next year, and WISC-TV asked for an interview as well. I thought since I was writing down a bunch of thoughts, I should do something online with them.

Four years ago, I bought the url http://www.supercoolsuperstink.com. Andrew Courter made a supercool logo. I reviewed each ad based on the sole criteria of it being cool, or stinky. That website died.

Last year I blogged about the ads over here.

On Sunday, I’ll be right here, posting some thoughts about the ads, and providing some insight and yadda-yadda that you won’t find anywhere else, because it will be located here, and not anywhere else.

Join me. Join the conversation. Join the fun. Join the party. Join the band. Join something. Anything. I’ll be making my famous Fluffy Mackerel Pudding. (Get some delicious ideas for your hot dish here.)

The hype has already begun. Yesterday, I talked to John and Gene on WTMJ in Milwaukee. A week ago I spoke about controversy as a tactic with WISC.

On Monday at 7:35 am, I’ll be on WTMJ (620 am). I’ll be on WMMM (105.5 fm) at 8:05 am. And I’ll be on WISC’s Live at Five at 5:00 pm, which is why it’s called Live at Five.

Oh yes. I guess the Colts and Saints are going to be doing some stuff between the ads.

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