Retro hipsters take note of George Him’s hipster design

January 22, 2011 — Leave a comment

George Him was a designer whose work spanned over 50 years from Russia, Poland, Germany, and England to Israel. He partnered with January Lewitt, and teamed up in London, making posters for the war effort. In later years, George pursued advertising, children’s book illustration and animation, and January went down the fine arts path. Here’s a look at some of Him’s, and Lewitt-Him’ work.

Here is a great site with lots of his work.

When designers today go retro, it seems like Him’s style is part of the canon they are borrowing from. He summed up his passion for pushing art thusly:

I belong, I suppose, to the leading graphic artists of my generation, and my name was internationally known in the days when individuality in graphic design was valued – an attitude by now long forgotten. All that is left for me today – apart from carrying on with my work, – is to preach the old gospel of design based on art, and not on market research, to the growing generations of students.

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