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Amish families have an amazing tradition that they say helps purify crops and minimize materialism: they burn down their biggest barn. Then the next day, poof!, they build a new one in about 5 hours, even if it’s ten degrees below zero and blizzarding like crazy outside. It’s called the New Year’s Barnfarkle, and it symbolizes each family’s commitment to beginning the new year with great strength, while shedding the need for material possessions like Amish furniture. Talk about a tradition that features the burning and rebuilding of barns, eh? Wow!

Just kidding. The Amish don’t burn down a barn every New Year’s. They don’t even use calendars, so how would they even know when a new year beings? Kidding again. Seriously, how would they know when it’s Thursday if they didn’t use calendars? Wait. I’m not quite completely sure they do or do not use calendars. Although they certainly are selling pie on Main Street in my town like clockwork on Saturdays. Hey, if you’re Amish, I’m real sorry about my stupid and slipshod calendar reporting. Also, today is Monday, just in case you don’t have any calendars laying about the barn as you read this.

To all of you, best wishes for a Happy New Year, from Idea Bucket global headquarters. May your 2013 crops be pure.

Please feel free to share any other ways that people don’t usher in the new year below.

The picture was taken by coleypauline.