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I’ve always believed that the key to having a great idea is to have a lot of ideas. So how deep can you go to generate ideas? You need to go pretty deep. Quantity counts, when solving a business problem, inventing something, or being an artist. Go. Deep. Now.

As a father of two kids who’ve done middle school, I’d agree with some of recent blogosphere’s assertions that our educational system tends to slowly suck the creativity out of our kids. Cuts in arts programs sure don’t help.

So isn’t it perfect for world-famous Pentegram design to help dial up the creative feel in a middle school in Brooklyn? Sure, it’s a slightly fussier task than your typical school paint job. But paint and painters are pretty cheap. And I’d bet the long-term gains in pride, inspiration, positivity and creativity are much greater than the up-front cost.

Love this quote: “…graphics become part of the architecture and help the building become a participant in the learning process…”

I wonder how else advertisers and designers can use environmental design to help our kids.

Check it out here at Pentagram’s site.