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It’s been a great couple of weeks for new tools for social networking. Here are a few I’ve been digging lately.

RockMelt is a web browser that integrates your Twitter, Facebook, and RSS feeds, so as you surf the web, updates come to you in real time. The updates that pop up can get a bit annoying, and the browser’s search capabilities are limited, but it is a pretty slick way to stay connected.

Pinterest is a social networking site that lets you share cool things you find on the web, or in the real world. You can “pin” your find onto a board for all to see, or “re-pin” something that someone else pinned. It’s got a bee-u-ti-ful design focus, and has a smooth interface. Pretty cool for the aesthetically-driven folks.

Quora lit up the world this week. It’s a simple Q & A site. You ask questions, the world gives you answers. It allows you to follow, and be followed, like many social apps. Yahoo Answers and Google searches (and Google-to-Wikipedia) are probably it’s biggest competitors. But the instant connectivity to experts could help Quora break out. It looks like a lot of tech and web developer folks are having the most engagement so far. Some big names have been asking, and answering questions. This could be extremely powerful, as you could develop a network of category experts to be your personal reference resource 24/7.

The Mac App Store was launched this week. This is big. It allows you to download apps for your Mac, basically the same way as downloading apps for your iPhone or iPad. The Apps here are much higher-priced than iPhone and iPad apps, but then again, your Mac uses a lot more muscle. This will change how we view our Macs. Only a couple of days in, and I’ve gotten a couple of productivity and business apps that I know will fundamentally alter how I interact with my computer. That’s saying something.

The rumor mill says Yahoo is going to kill Delicious, the terrific bookmarking site, which is yet another bonehead move by Yahoo. Facebook is sending signals that it’ll go public. The big boys are trying to kill RSS (good luck with that one). And my damn HootSuite and TweetDeck apps for iPhone have been crashing a lot lately. I hope stability updates are coming.

Are there any category-killers here? Quora’s ability to build an expert network gives it a great chance of being a big deal. Apple is reporting 1 million downloads on day one at the App Store, so it looks like that will be a big deal, which is no surprise because lately everything Apple has made has been a big deal. It’s what they do.