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Simply looking at a chicken brings out the double chin.

Some lucky Wallmans were born with multi-chin powers, enabling us to conjure up a double chin with incredible ease. I simply smile, and a second chin jumps out from below the first and says, “Hi! I’m the other chin!” Breathing is much harder for me than making a double chin. With just a touch of effort, three or four chins can easily be summoned.

Three teenage daughters claim to be our children, and they keep my wife and I in a steady stream of text and social network communications. Recently at the end of a text exchange, one daughter texted me back an unusual emoticon face. It had two smiles. :)) I didn’t get it, and texted back “Huh?”

She replied, “It’s the smiley face :) Wallman double chin style :))”


It’s a timeless chin. My father and grandfather before me were storied displayers of the multi-chin. Back in 1994, Scott Dikkers was the editor of the Onion in Madison. He knew I had a suit and tie, so asked if I’d pose for a cover photo. And lo! by tilting my head just a few degrees, even back in the 90’s, Chin II comes out to party.

Eighteen years later, we have a Wallbranded Wallmoticon. A family joke, told in three characters. A personalized punctuation picture that says a thousand words.

Proof yet again that the power of symbols beat words by communicating more with less.

Got any other examples of the personalized emoticon or personalized symbol?