The Saul Bass short “Why Man Creates,” in the tone of the time, but Greek.

November 12, 2011 — Leave a comment

“Why Man Creates” is a 1968 documentary animated film from Saul Bass. And sheesh, does it feel like the prototypical tone of animation in the 60’s: that graphic style (which Schoolhouse Rock borrows from), that lush, somewhat cheesy orchestral musical score, the zany wacky sound effects. (Part 1 is seen above.)

While studying film at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I learned about the graphic awesomeness of Saul Bass as a famous designer of movie titles.

As an ad guy, I knew of his legendary logos.

Recently I found “Why Man Creates.” And I’m kinda sorry to say the ideas on why we create don’t do a whole lot for me, despite its Academy Award, experimental tactics and go-go dancers. The style and execution are cool, but I’m not sure I’m smelling everything that it’s cooking. It’s as if the ancient Greeks wrote it. And while The Frogs is a helluva play, it’s a little…inaccessible.

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