Creativity question: How creative do you feel?

May 28, 2011 — 1 Comment

I’m an advertising guy who has a lot of music and writing and comedy performing time under the belt. In all those jobs, the people who were the best at them FELT like they were the best. The best musicians I’ve worked with FEEL like great musicians. The best ad people FEEL like great ad people.

It’s not always about the amount of time they put in, or how they study their craft. Certainly, talent and experience play a big part of being “the best.” But feeling it, feeling like you were made to do what you do, and feeling like you are great at what you do is an emotional thing.

So how do you feel? What’s your emotional commitment to your craft, your vocation, your calling? Do you feel like an engineer, or are you an ENGINEER? Teachers, how teachery do you feel?

I’ve been on the bad side of this. There was a stage in my ad career where I felt burnt. I certainly didn’t feel like the best. My art director partner called me on it, and said “Be an ad guy!” I’ve felt this in music, when i didn’t know a song inside and out, I really didn’t FEEL like a musician, and it hurts the performance.

It’s commitment. Confidence. And totally feeling like you were born to do what  you do.

Think about it while Peter Frampton asks if you feel like he feels.

One response to Creativity question: How creative do you feel?


    Terrific insight Andy. A good way to start the week. Thanks. Kay

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