6 links to the best Super Bowl ads, coverage.

February 5, 2011 — Leave a comment

For the last six years I’ve shared some cool Super Bowl ad stuff from an ad guy’s point of view. As a Packer fan, it’s likely that many of tomorrow’s ads will go unnoticed. Regardless, I’ll be digging up some off-the-beaten-path stuff, so stay tuned for some cool tidbits on the ads. Here are some cool Super Bowl ad pontificator folks, and some cool resources.

1. YouTube’s Ad Blitz, now with enhanced mobile phone functionality to serve the growing number of smart phone users. From the New York Times: “This year, though, there are some new wrinkles. YouTube will run its Ad Blitz contest for the fourth year, but for the first time, it will have a mobile Ad Blitz site. People can vote on ads immediately after the game, and the winning ad will appear on YouTube’s home page a week later.” Uh. A week later YouTube?

2. Hulu is featuring the ads, and has a viewer’s favorite voting thingy.

3. Brand Bowl 2011, a cool ranking analysis of the ads brought to by Mullen Advertising and Radian6. They rank Tweets about ads, general sentiment and show a stream of what Twitter is saying. This is a really fantastic resource that shows you in real time what the world is saying about the ads.

4. When the ads run. This cheat sheet shows the ads in the blocks they will appear. Audi will have the opening slot.

5. There is some deeeep Super Bowl ad history coverage here at spike.com.

6. AdAge has industry scoopage.

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