Wanna help Andy & John help the Overture Center this Saturday?

October 15, 2010 — 1 Comment

Hi there Madison-area performer or artist person,

As you may know, Overture is in trouble. It’s possible that your alderperson could vote Overture out of our lives in the next couple of weeks. John and I don’t think that’s cool. So we’re going to do what any good, red-blooded American would do: make a little video.

The video will ONLY have artists and performers in it. They’ll be making a plea to the general public for them to call their alderperson, and tell them to vote in favor of keeping Overture alive.

Of course if you don’t think Overture should be alive, disregard this email, and proceed directly to having a nice day.

If you’re still with us, we’d kindly request your participation in the video. We think that artists and performers have a voice in this discussion, and think this would be a really cool way to have your voice be heard. It’ll take just a few minutes of your time. You’ll say two fast, easy things: 1, why Overture is important to you, and 2, tell folks to call their alderperson. That’s it. Simple schmiple.

The details:
– arrive at Overture anytime between 1030am and 1215pm this Saturday, October 16th
– go to the Capitol Theater , and someone will greet you at the entrance to the theater
– they’ll let you in when it’s your turn to shoot your video segment
– you’ll sit in a seat in the audience, and you’ll say your 2 things

Once you’re seated, it’ll literally take about 3 minutes to shoot your segment. In. Out. Boom. Bing.

The lovely and talented John Urban will then edit this the piece. We’ll send it out on the world wide interwebs in hopes of getting some momentum behind saving Overture.

Between us, John and I have been involved in the Madison arts scene for 1,308 years. We’ve been on stage, on camera, on the air, and behind the scenes trying to entertain the citizenry of this great city. We would sincerely appreciate your help in keeping one of the most important parts of the Madison entertainment picture alive.

Please let me know if you can help. Leave a comment here, hit us via FB or email andy@kw2ideas.com. And please spread the word to performers and artists who you think would be interested in helping out.

Thanks. Lots.

Have a nice day,
Andy and John

One response to Wanna help Andy & John help the Overture Center this Saturday?


    Great idea. Hope that it was successful. Unfortunately, I didn’t read about it until this morning on the WAB newsletter. But I’ve already written my alder and hope that others will do the same. Thanks for doing your part to keep Overture intact.

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