A new partnership, a new chapter, and a new era begins.

July 16, 2010 — 1 Comment

Ben & Jerry. Procter & Gamble. Jagger & Richards. Hewlett & Packard. Abercrombie & Fitch. And now, Wallman & Savino.

Today is the day business historians will note that an amazing partnership was born, as Jennifer Savino becomes a co-owner in Knupp & Watson & Wallman.

Ta-daa! Huzzah! Hooray!

I’ve viewed Jen as my business partner since the day I bought the company two years ago. She’s been our Vice President, and has been a part of every business decsision that we’ve made. But formally, today she becomes an owner.

Jen and I have worked together for five years. I’ve always admired her incredible thinking, and have been relieved that it comes with great humility and humor. Our differing strengths greatly compliment each other, yet our values are the same: we work hard to nurture authentic relationships, endless self-improvement, positivity and doing what’s right.

I’m ridiculously proud of her. She’s a single mom, with two little boys who puts in a big week every week. To do so with a career in advertising is extra challenging, to say the least.

The name of the company will remain the same, as she has a much smaller ego than I. The day-to-day stuff will remain the same. But our ambitions, committment to our employees, and the success of our clients has greatly grown.

Cheers, Jen.

One response to A new partnership, a new chapter, and a new era begins.


    Congrats! I expect to see even more wicked awesome/effective work from everyone other there.



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