Things learned in Savannah.

May 25, 2010 — Leave a comment

Back on May 22, 1991, my wife and I spent a day in Savannah during our honeymoon. This last weekend, on May 22, we were back in Savannah before I gave a talk on social media, and we had a total blast. Here is what I learned, and/or what was confirmed from our first visit there back there almost 20 years ago.

– People in Savannah are very, very nice.

– Walking Savannah is a terrifically satisfying experience.

– Paula Deen is getting rich off making people fatter.

– Paula Deen’s fans don’t care about getting fatter.

– America needs to go on a diet.

– Everything (eating, serving food, walking, talking, and the general doing of things) moves slower in the south. I believe this is to conserve energy, and to not create any more heat. Things comparatively, and generally, seem to go faster in the north to expel energy to create more heat. It’s hot down there a lot. It’s cooler up here a lot.

– Grits are really good.

– The architecture and detail of the buildings has been fantastic for almost 300 years.

– Savannah’s policy of letting people walk about freely with Guinness in hand is fun.

– Spending money whilst shopping with a Guinness in hand is lots easier than without.

– Johnny Mercer could write the heck out of a song lyric, my huckleberry friend.

– I’m still crazy about my wife.

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