You don’t want an iPad? Ha-ha-ha. You’re funny. (You will.)

May 11, 2010 — 1 Comment

You don’t want one? You will.

Because the iPad won’t just change things. It’ll revolutionize things. That’s my guess.

But who’s out there looking to buy a revolution? And why get a laptop when you have a perfectly good desktop computer? Or why get  an iPhone when you had a perfectly good phone? And why get an iPad when you’ve got both?

Because a laptop is not a desktop, and an iPhone is not a phone and an iPad is neither of either.

Take a look back. Apple didn’t make the iPod. Instead, it made a revolution in how we listen to, store, and buy music. Apple didn’t make the iPhone. Instead, it made a revolution in how we do mobile computing. And they sure as hell didn’t make an iPad. It made…a new revolution.

I believe it heralds the downfall/demise/end/irrelevance of the Kindle, Nook, mouse, and maybe even the laptop.

It heralds an explosive revolution in gaming, magazine and book publishing. It could change TV and movie distribution. And thanks to the Apps Store, there are already 100,000 apps ready to go, with an exponential number of unforeseen utilities are coming.

Only the purest of Apple-haters, and the most principled stubborn anti-change folks will sit out the revolution. But, my friend, mark my words: if you don’t want one now…you will. You may not get one now. Maybe you’ll wait for next year’s iPad, which will surely make the first iPad look primitive. (Remember the 5G iPod?)

Early estimates were that 1 million iPads would be sold in 2010. This morning, one estimate I saw was 10 million.

Regardless, the revolution has begun. And I don’t believe it’s a matter of IF you’ll join, but WHEN you’ll join.

One response to You don’t want an iPad? Ha-ha-ha. You’re funny. (You will.)


    when they come down to $175 maybe but at $600-$800 it’s a very expensive toy that I can’t bang out documents on unless I attach a third party keyboard, use flash, etc. I’ll stick with my $200 netbook which does everything and self props up the screen.

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