A new Gomers album? Indeed! Here’s the scoop.

April 7, 2010 — Leave a comment

The Gomers heard that Smart Studios in Madison was going to close. Over the last 25 years, Gomer members have spent a lot of time there, recording with Butch Vig and Steve and Duke before they were producing stuff for Nirvana, U2, Green Day, and before they became Garbage. Lil’ Dave Adler of the Gomers has been recording there for over 30 years. Many great times, laughs, and creative tingles have happened there.

It’s a really special place. Like a secret fort clubhouse hideout. So when we heard it was closing, the only logical reaction was “we have to record one last record there.” So we polished off some tunes we had laying around, and recorded them. Mike Zirkle engineered, and once again proved his remarkable skill. He is such a great guy. All praise Mike. The band was in top form.

This will be the first Gomers recording in a few years. The band has been busier than ever, playing at least eight shows a month, usually more. Rock Star Gomeroke, the live band karaoke at the High Noon Saloon is a runaway hit, with six shows monthly. Its five year anniversary is coming up in May. In fact, a local website, dane101.com, recently named Gomeroke one of the coolest things about Madison or some such. The Slappy Hour Variety Show at the Frequency happens twice a month, and is building a really cool following. (I’m kinda more like a guest Gomer, doing one-ish gig a month. But the guys haven’t kicked me out yet, so that’s cool. Thank you, gents.)

Look for the record to be completed in May, with some kind of record release party to follow. I think it’s the best stuff the band has recorded. Lots of rock, fun, and soulful grooves.

After playing together for almost 25 years, Biff, Steve, Dave, Gordon and Geoff have become even better songwriters, musicians, and remarkably, they’ve become an even better band. Plus, they’re some of the nicest, coolest and most creative guys on planet Earth.

Stay tuned.

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