4 great slomo ads that make HDTV, and humanity itself, a little more neat.

March 21, 2010 — Leave a comment

There was a recent study that said 62% of Americans now have an HDTV. This makes 62% of you a little luckier. Granted, there are more noble things about the human condition to feel lucky about, and one could argue that better television brings us just one step closer to becoming a civilization of zombified, mouth-breathing idiots. But this fact is undeniable: the sensory experience gained from certain communications feels neat. If not really neat.

I would make such an amazing lawyer.

So what are communicators doing to deliver the neat things HDTV can do? Let’s watch. (Pause: it’s kind of dumb hyping the virtues of HDTV via a computer, so pretend you’re oooohing and aahhhing over these ads in amazing hi-def.)

Exhibit A: The National Football League makes football look more neat by using the newish Phantom HD digital video camera. This ad was made by Grey Advertising.

Exhibit B:  Philips made a great ad to debut their new cinema proportion 21:9 ratio TV. The ad is a great idea, executed masterfully: using only one shot to capture a frozen moment in time. It was made by Tribal DDB Amsterdam, and won the 2009 Cannes Grand Prix for Film. You’ve gotta watch how they made the ad. A sequel is coming in April.

Exhibit C: Schweppes uses slomo to make you thirsty.

Exhibit D: Pedigree’s new ad, also using the Phantom. From TBWA Toronto. Directed by a cheesehead (I think), Bob Purman.

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