Chiquita stickers beat Miss Chiquita as the most bananatastic brand icon.

March 14, 2010 — Leave a comment

Interesting. For decades, the Miss Chiquita banana spokesdancer was Chiquita’s, and therefore all of Bananaworld’s main brand icon. But over time, she’s been losing her crown in favor of a sticker. Huh.

I remember when the California Milk Advisory Board (the Got Milk brand) first put “Got Milk?” stickers on bananas. It was a brilliant move. Especially considering it was such an inexpensive and minor tactic (even though the stickers are still put on by hand, and have been for over 40 yeas). It worked because that minor media vehicle – a sticker – was such a powerful brand icon.

So back in November, Chiquita seemed to have put Miss Chiquita on the compost pile, as it’s debuted a cool new series of stickers, and a communications campaign that promotes them.

Art director DJ Neff was assigned to “make bananas cool.” So he ate many bananas and worked with his creative partner to create some ideas. They created a bunch (ha-ha-ha, a bunch, oh hee-hee) of great stuff. They made 25 new banana stickers. The outtakes were great too. There are lots of online components as well, including their Facebook page which now has 15,000 fans.

Check out this great interview with Neff at He’s been at Deutsch and Crispin, Porter + Bogusky. He’s tagged Philadelphia for an AIDS awareness campaign. He seems like a driven guy. Here’s his website.

Here’s another link to the designs.

And here is a fantastic collection with ka-zillions of Chiquita stickers from all over the world.

Way to go Chiquita. And way to go Neff. I don’t think you made bananas cool. I think you made them cooler.

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