Cookies, beer, pizza and “12 tips: Awesomeness for the Pre-Old”

March 3, 2010 — 1 Comment

So we had a jam-packed conference room at KW2 last Wednesday night. About 55 Ad2 Madison folks came to see a presentation I created to help younger folks (aged 18 – 32) in the communications business. They said it was record attendance, which is why it got somewhat toasty in there.

They were great. They had some good questions and feedback.

I could have been their father. That was curious. But hell, I still feel young enough to be them, so I had the benefit of having two perspectives.

We had pizza. Local brew. Hippie cookies. And, I believe, a good time.

Here are the 12 tips for the Pre-Old to have more awesomeness:
01.  Pick mentors.
02.  Work your ass off.
03.  Ask questions. Lots.
04.  Don’t be an a-hole.
05.  Invent ideas and things. Lots.
06.  Be positive. Lots.
07.  Don’t be sloppy.
08.  Know confidence, abhor cockiness.
09.  Say please and thank you.
10.  Shut up `n play yer guitar.
11.  Help the other guy.
12.  Have fun.

Thanks Ad2. Hope you got some good out of it.

One response to Cookies, beer, pizza and “12 tips: Awesomeness for the Pre-Old”


    12 mighty fine rules. I’m going to shut up and play my guitar now…

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