Knupp & Watson & Wallman is one day old. So far so good.

February 9, 2010 — Leave a comment

I bought Knupp & Watson in August of 2008. It was not exactly the best time to purchase a company, let alone an advertising, marketing, creative communications company. If you’ll recall, that recession thing had just taken off like a rocket around that time. Needless to say, Mrs. Wallman was a very brave soul.

But the company had a great 2009, adding clients, and staff, and we had a hell of a good time along the way. We’ve created some fantastic work, achieved some great successes for our clients, and worked to make it the best place our people will ever work.

Yesterday, we officially became Knupp & Watson & Wallman. (As a co-worker put it, “the ego has landed.” Ha!)

The name change signals the second generation of this 23 year-old company. We’re pushing ideas and creative communications like never before, and are offering more and more web and motion services, in addition to the traditional communications vehicles that have existed since my Grandfather had a shop on Madison Avenue in the 1930’s.

Check us out here. Our new Web site is a living breathing organism that, like the rest of the online world, will be in a constant state of exciting change and evolution. Check back frequently.

Part of the site includes a big effort to participate, find, and share things within social networks. We park a lot of the insightful and inspirational ideas for you to enjoy here.

With one day under the belt, things are feeling very good. We’ve already received tons of congratulatory emails and calls from throughout Wisconsin, and beyond. We thank you for that.

How do we feel about our future? Well, our good friend Frank sums it up here.

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