The recession gives the Super Bowl ads a B-. My faves?

February 7, 2010 — 1 Comment

I really thought the recession cut into the stereotypical Super Duper Super Bowl ad this year. Smaller budgets lead to smaller ideas and smaller production dollars and smaller amounts of typical wowsie splash. Fewer celebs, explosions, famous pieces of music, and schnazzzz = :(

Some of the big boys bowing out kind of felt different. Pepsi and GM taking a seat? Weird.

What worked?

I really liked the Snickers ad. Funny. Slapstick. Celebs. And it sold something. Probably my favorite ad of the game.

Doritos had a great effort. The ideas, like last year, came from consumers. That was fantastic. Lots of great, funny stuff.

Audi was funny. A reach, to say they’re going to represent America’s green standard. But funny regardless. was hilarious. And I really liked the strategy of “even the smartest people need help.” Really cool. Great production values too. It used to be when more of the Super Bowl ads were big and smart, like this one.

The Emerald Nuts/Pop Secret ad was reallllly funny. And I like the co-brand. That was smart.

Vizio was fantastic. My kids got it in a way I didn’t. It showed all the hip stuff from YouTube that their generation got like crazy. That was smart, to bring that next generation into the Vizio brand. They WANTED what Vizio was selling.

The Volkswagon ad was really, really good. A classic Super Bowl ad, with a great idea: to bring “slug bug” back. I can’t tell you how many whacks to the upper arm I have given, received and witnessed in my 45 years, but it’s easily in the hundreds. That was smart. I hope it works for them.

Google had a great ad, but they cheated. The spot first ran in November. That’s not very Super Bowlish. What the heck?

One response to The recession gives the Super Bowl ads a B-. My faves?


    I concur. Music-wise, I was happy to hear Arcade Fire, vintage Kool & the Gang, Bajofundo, Cheap Trick (covered) among them.

    A little weird that the e-trade babies featured a guy cheating on his gf…

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