The fun, funny and funniest Super Bowl ads. The winner? I go with Snickers.

February 7, 2010 — Leave a comment

Slapstick. Celebs. Surprise. That’s great Super Bowl ad fodder. But this ad actually sold something: the idea that a Snickers will pick you up. It wasn’t just a jokes for joke’s sake.

Tru TV
“Punxatawny Polamalu!” Haaa! “Six more weeks of football!” Bwwaaaahahah! Very funny sight gags. And the perfect message for a football fan during the Super Bowl.

Boost Mobile
Jim McMahon looking as old as Betty White and Abe Vigoda. Funny because I hate the Bears.

Classic Super Bowl ad style, with tons of smackstick – amish, pregnant, kids, blind people, famous people, all smackin’ each other. Smart strategy for VW to bring back such a simple cultural phenom. Hope it helps `em. And hope the build better cars too.

“Don’t touch my mama or my Doritos.” Great line. They had a lot of good funny this year, again supplied by consumers in a contest. “Tim’s Locker” had a lot of funny for the money.

Emerald Nuts + Pop Secret
Great Super Bowl ad, and smart strategy to bring two brands together in one ad. Special effects, silly humor, good ad. My family saw one of those aquatic shows once. What a great spoof that was.
Second year in a row with the same idea. But really well executed, and a breath of refreshing non-slapstick fresh air.

A promo! A freakin’ promo! The promos for the network during a Super Bowl ad typically suck, and are phoned in. This one was really timely and great. The LA Times has a good story on how it happened.

“Green Police” was funny and it’ll be memorable. I kind of think they’re wrong for going that far with the green message. If it positions Audi as a green leader, it’ll be a success. But to do that in just one ad is an uphill climb unless major, major internal changes are afoot.

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