Geeks hanging out with jocks – Intel and Google could be the only tech brands in the Super Bowl

February 7, 2010 — Leave a comment

The Super Bowl is an interesting place for tech brands to stand out among the beer and monkeys. Apple is famous for not only being one of the best geek brands in this jock world with their (still) amazing “1984” ad; but that ad also started trends of the Super Epic Super Bowl ad, and using the platform for a major announcements. (Here are ComputerWorld’s top 10 Super Bowl tech ads.)

My brother hipped me to Eric Schmidt of Google’s tweet this morning. Looks like Google will be in the game, a pretty well-kept secret. Do they need the ad to go up against Bing for search? Could be, as Apple is murmuring that they’ll dump Google in favor of Bing on future iPhones. Maybe the ad is to promote Google’s slow-selling Nexus One phone.

Meanwhile, here’s a really nice Google ad (could be the one they’re going to air) that tells a sweet story via Google searches. A good combo of selling functionality and emotion. And a damn cheap ad to produce.

Intel – “We’re geeks here, and we’re damn proud of it.”

The geeky folks at intel are psyched, as they stated in this pre-game press. Note that they said “geek” 8 times. This will be the first time in 12 years that Intel has been in the Super Bowl. Here’s a version of that ad that ran in Mexico.

PS – Eric Schmidt only has 15 tweets? Sheesh. Play or get out, bub.

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