My old friend reminded me to not just look, but see.

January 23, 2010 — 3 Comments

I was a bit of a photographer in the `80s. My brother Jeff got me into it in high school, and I worked at a camera/photofinishing store in college, with most paychecks paying for more  film, developing and equipment. Over the 1986 holiday break, a few college buddies took a ski trip to Colorado, but I didn’t ski. So I took a bunch of pictures.

Time passed, and our three daughters came into the world. My Nikon SLR camera was replaced by a “grandma camera”, the do-everything point-n-shoot, and my interest in taking pictures for the sake of taking pictures diminished.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to push my creativity, and get serious about photography again. These shots are from a morning when much of Wisconsin woke up to a surreal, bright haze. I thought I’d capture the big, weird, wide eerieness of the haze. But literally, within one minute, my assignment changed, as I remembered one of the great lessons from my earlier days as a photographer – the difference between “looking” and “seeing.” Welcome back, old friend.

3 responses to My old friend reminded me to not just look, but see.


    Wow. The old friend thing was kind of sappy. I’m going to try harder to avoid sap.


    It’s tricky sidestepping the sap and a good thing that you abandoned your initial ill-fated career path:

    6. Photo Processors

    With the prevalence of digital photography, the need for photo processing has greatly diminished. Even people who still choose to print their photos use self-service kiosks. Photo processors who used to run machines in retail stores, as well as in processing centers, are becoming obsolete.

    Lament the poor sap #8 Watch Salesman also.


    Hi Mary! Great to hear from you. Watch out for sap traps!

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