Official writing freak

November 22, 2009 — 1 Comment

My dad really liked writing. He was an official writing freak. He wrote about his experiences fighting Nazis, and being a prisoner of war. He wrote a few non-fiction history books after retirement. He was always a word guy, and invented a good number of them along the way. He could tell a good story. He was funny and witty. But it wasn’t until he had written a few books that it seemed like he was officially an official writing freak.

Here in the 2000’s, one measure of being an officially official word freak is by blogging. I have a feeling that if my dad were in my shoes, he’d be sharing his writing and ideas online as well.

CJW, 1944

So here’s the christening of my Idea Bucket. A place for writing and ideas and creativity. Hope you enjoy.

One response to Official writing freak


    Any chance you could post or link to one of your dad’s stories, Andy?

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